What is a headphone splitter? You Should know it

A headphone splitter is a small device used to connect multiple headphones to one headphone jack. It works on the Kirchhoff’s low, dividing the source audio signal to different headphones without degrading the sound quality. If you use a huge number of headphones together, it may decrease the sound quality.

What is headphone splitter
What is headphone splitter?

Today, almost all devices come with a headphone port. Even high-quality laptops, desktops, mobile phones, and iPhones don’t contain multiple sound output options. This makes for great complexity when we try to share music, movies, etc.

It is the best solution for listening to music with multiple headphones at the same time. Some splitters have two sound output ends and some have more, such as three, five, six, etc.

Types of Headphone Splitter

Y-shaped Splitter

These are most common audio splitter. These splitters divide one audio source into two headphone jacks. You can connect two headphone same time using this splitter. Some Y-shaped audio splitters has wire as extension cable. It helps to connect headphone jack. I feel this is better. One the other hand some are not contained wire.

These splitters do not reduce sound quality. So, you can enjoy your gaming, movie, music with your friend or partner easily.

5-jack Audio splitter

This type of Audio splitter is the best way to connect your family or group where you are going to play a game group wise or watching a cinema with your family. What’s the great side of this splitter? The answer is, this splitter has 5 ends to connect 5 different headphones.

Some 5 jack audio splitters have option to control fade-in, mixing to different headphone end. Which is unbelievable feature.

2.5mm to 3.5mm and voce-versa

This type splitters give the opportunities to connect your 3.5mm headphone jack into 2.5mm jack. It works as converter and audio splitter simultaneously. One the other hand, you can choose 3.5mm to 2.5mm splitter if you have 2.5mm headphone jack. Choice depend on your headphone jack type.

Why do I need a splitter for my headset?

Usually, a headphone splitter is not a must when you are using a headphone. But when you watch movies, songs, music, or podcasts with your friends or others, you will hear more than one headphone-out jack. Here you need to connect more than one headphone to one headphone jack.

If you have a mismatched headphone type, like a 2.5mm headphone jack, but your device has a 3.5mm jack, then you must need a headphone splitter to solve this.

How to use Audio splitter?

What does a headphone splitter do?

It connects multiple headphones to the headphone jack of your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or gaming device. This is a small but powerful and useful device that helps connect multiple headphone jacks to the main audio source.

The source audio signal is generated by your device (smartphone or laptop). This source signal is divided into two or more headphone output terminals. Then the current of the sound signal is divided between these terminals. But it goes without saying that the sound quality doesn’t change much.

Do headphone splitters reduce quality?

No, the headphone splitter does not change the audio quality. The input impedance of both recipients is significantly smaller than the output impedance of the mixer (which it usually is), both ideally receiving exactly the same signal when each of them is connected alone.


Headphone splitter is one of the most usable solutions to share musical or gaming happiness with your family. You can get connected with your team using this. This also helps to solve the supportiveness of headphone jack size.

With development, devices are going to be smaller. So, they suffer enough space to give couple of headphone ports. To share your audio with others, this is the best audio gadget.

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Why when I use this adapter to put headphones in my Android does the volume randomly shut off?

Actually, phones speaker volume settings and headphone adapter settings are different. You can set adapter or headphone volume settings to Random, lower volume and higher. You can also set this at specific volume percentage which is different from your speaker and Bluetooth audio settings.
If you feel problem, you can change your Android phone settings. To change this, Go to Settings app. Then find Connection option. Or you can find headphone or earbud option using search option. Then change the settings of your headphones adapter.

Can I use a headphone splitter on a Behringer P16?

The Behringer P16 is a digital mixer for those who prefer to mix on their own. It’s possible to connect a headphone splitter to it. However, it’s not the best solution. As a result, you should look for a headphone that does not require a splitter. Because the splitter can degrade sound quality when using a P16 mixture to create the best possible output, it should be avoided.

How far away can I go from the adapter before my headset disconnects?

How far away you can go from the adapter depends on the wire length. You can find different adapters with different length ranges of wire. Normally, 10 cm to 2 meter wire is found with an adapter. But you can make a custom size. For this male and female port, you have to buy it. Then take a good conductive wire and connect these. But you should not make it over 10 meters. Because the longer the wire, the more loss of sound quality.