How to charge JLab Headphones & Earbuds Charging case

When you have bought a brand new JLab wireless Bluetooth headphones or earbuds, excitement is normal. But for making long lasting enjoyment you should know how to charge JLab headphones and earbuds. It is important for long battery life and better performance. 

How can you understand when your headphone’s charge is low?

Different JLAB models Headphones and earbuds give different low-battery signals. Most of the headphones provide voice signals. It says, “Your headphones’ battery is low.” Besides, many other headphones show a red sign on the headphones. 

However, you can see the current battery charge percentage in Bluetooth settings and by using app. 

How can you understand when your earbuds needs charge?

It also uses voice alert, red light signal and shows battery change percentages to warn users when they are running low on battery.

How to charge JLAB headphones?

In every model of rechargeable JLAB headphones there is a USB charging cable in the box. In the cable, you will find a micro USB on one side and the other side contains a USB. 

You can use any charger to charge a JLAB headphone – you can also use your computer USB port to charge them.

To charge JLab charging case follow these steps

  1. Connect the JBuds, JLab earbuds charging case to computer or USB 5V output device.
  2. LEDs lights will start to blink. The white blinking indicates it is charging.
How to charge JLab Headphones
How to charge JLab Earbuds Charging case

After connecting USB perfectly, you have to make sure that your USB connection can supply adequate power. Now leave it and give enough to get your JLAB headphone charged fully.

How can you charge JLab headphones in the proper way?

If you connect the USB into the charging plug the headphone will indicate a red or white light is starting to blink. That means your headphones are charging. When your headphones will be charged completely, you will see a solid blue or white light.

How to charge JLAB headphones
How to charge JLAB headphones

Here you should know that the charging time depends mainly on the battery capacity and the strongness of the charger.. Normally a JLAB headphone takes 2.5 hours to be charged fully.

How to know if your JLab headphones are charged?

Blinking red lights will disappear and solid blue light indicates charging has been completed.

How to know if your JLab earbuds are charged?

For earbuds in charging case: Automatically turn on solid blue lights on the earbuds indicate charging and will turn off after earbuds are fully charged.

For Charging case of earbuds: solid white lights indicate the JLab earbuds charging case has been completely charged.

How to solve charging problems

If you are a regular user of headphones you may have to face some common problems in charging headphones. To avoid these problems you must learn some techniques. 

You should Complete the charge

When your headphone battery is low, you should charge it. But you must keep in mind that you must charge your battery fully then you should use your headphones. Because headphones work better in charged conditions. 

You may also know rapid charging and frequent charging of headphone & earbuds can damage battery life.

Change the battery if needed

If after charging 100% your headphone disconnect charger as soon as possible. You should realize that it can cause problems with your battery. Overcharging is always bad.

Check the USB cable

If your headphones take too long to be charged, it is better to check your USB cable. Sometimes, the charging cable is damaged. For this, the battery may not get proper electricity or a missing electrical phase. This should be fixed immediately. 

Look into the charging point.

You should check the charging point before you charge your headphones. Make sure that you are using a safe charging point.

The charger should be okay too.

If there is a problem in your charger, your headphones will not be charged. So make sure that your charger is okay.

Get help from a headphone expert or technician 

If all the parts of your headphone remain okay, but you face problems while charging then go to a headphone expert or technician.

Which JLab headphones and earbuds have strong battery life

If you want to get good service then firstly you have to choose a headphone with strong battery life. JLab audio headphones brought different types of charging headphones with extended battery life and also accurate charging features for you.

Here is a list of JLab headphones with a strong battery. You will get all the features about these batteries.

Image Name Battery life Battery capacity Charging Time More Details
 JLab studio true wireless headphones JLab studio true wireless headphones 30 Hours 480 mAh 3 Hours More Details
 JLab studio ANC JLab studio ANC 34 Hours 480 mAh 3 Hours More Details
  JLab flex sport JLab flex sport 20 Hours 330 mAh 3 Hours More Details
 JLab Neon JLab Neon 13 Hours 330 mAh 2.5 Hours More Details
 JLab Rewind Retro JLab Rewind Retro 12 Hours 220 mAh 2 Hours More Details


At last it is obviously true that charging your headphones is very important and it is easy when you know the right way. I hope this article will help you in using JLAB headphones.

Thank you for reading the article