TOZO NC7 Review 2024 | The Best Hybrid ANC Wireless Earbud

In this month, The use of TOZO NC7 wireless earbuds become 11 month. I am using this very roughly and check performance and compare to my other devices.

The TOZO NC7 Truly Wireless earbuds are budget-friendly earbuds with Active Noise-cancellation (ANC), an optical sensor, a long battery life, excellent sound quality, and IPX6 waterproofing. And the most interesting matter, it is available for under 50 dollars.

This TOZO NC7 review covers everything from sound quality to design, providing a complete analysis of these earbuds. Furthermore, we compare the NC7 with its sibling models, the NC9, NC7 Pro, and NC2, to help you understand properly. Don’t miss it.

all the component TOZO NC7 True wireless earbuds, shot is taken for Review by Headphonicity owner

Best Earbuds under 50 dollars

TOZO NC7 Provides all the feature for which we have to pay doble.

Our Score


  • Hybrid Active noise cancellation works so well
  • IPX6 waterproof and sweatproof
  • Awesome sound quality
  • Various moods and sound effective 
  • 5 Different ear tips for perfect fitting
  • 13 hours playtime on single charge
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Rarely lost control 
all the component TOZO NC7 True wireless earbuds, shot is taken for Review by Headphonicity owner

Sound quality

It had excellent audio quality. I use of its R&B sound effect. There is no difference between it and a professional sound system when I use it. Every bit and base is very clear and strong. It is a powerful concert sound system. When I listen to music with it, I feel like dancing. To keeping myself controlled, it is like a struggle.

When I compare it to airports, there is no discernible or measurable difference in sound quality. Every single sound is delivered clearly. From the higher to the lower frequencies, they both produce them perfectly. Hearing clearly, I discovered a steel lower and tired sound.

The TOZO sound app is used to control the TOZO NC7. This app allows you to control active noise cancellation and change the sound effect. There are so many sound effects that can be used while listening to music. I tried all of the sound effects, and to summaries, TOZO can satisfy any user who wants to listen to soft music or DJ music.


Is the most important thing when you want to go anywhere or journey. More offer it gives the opportunity of long time continuously.

Playtime (Battery Life) & Durability

Every earbud has 70mAh battery that provides continuous 12 hours of playtime. The charging case has 500mAh capacity. So, you can charge the earbuds more than three times.
I have been experimenting with it for the last 63 days. Let me publish the battery backup result on a single charge –

On ANC Mood

You know that ANC (Active noise cancellation) works by capturing environmental sound using a mic, then analyzing noise, and finally making opposite-direction noise, which is called anti-noise sound. This anti-noise sound wave will cancel out the noise.

The mic and additional function work in this mode; battery usage is at the highest level. After that, it gives me an average of 10 hours and 30 minutes of battery backup on a single charge.

On Transparent Mood

In the transparent mode, earbuds ensure you can listen to every sound of your surroundings clearly as you can normally listen. But as the earbuds block your ear channel, the sound can not go inside properly. So passive noise cancellation works. To solve that, it uses its mic to capture soundings sound. Then it enhances by its speaker. So you can easily hear everything.

I got an average of 12 hours of battery backup in this mode.

On Normal Mood

In this Mode, the mic is fully turned off. For this, I got longer battery backup than I expected. It gives me approximately 15 hours of continuous service, 1 hour less than the company claim. I am just surprised!

Highlights of How long does TOZO NC7 battery last?
On ANC Mood: 10 hours and 30 minutes
On Transparent Mood: 12 hours
On Normal Mood: 15 hours

Charging time

I have already changed more than 12 times. I have charged each time by connecting it to the USB port of my laptop. Laptop provides slow charging. After that, it fully charged within an average of 2 hours and 10 minutes. It took a maximum 2 hours 50 minutes, minimum 1 hour and 35 minutes to become fully charged. The company Claimed it may take about 2 hours for full charging. This variation may be caused by discharging level.
Though I don’t charge with a fast charger, it’s simple to say that it can be more quickly charged by fast charger.

Charging from Laptop
Charging from Laptop

Charging Medium

It can be charge by –

  • UCB type C (Fast Charging also available)
  • Wireless Charging
TOZO NC7 Charging method


The TOZO NC7 earbuds are stylish and lightweight. It is designed as the ear shape, with multiple sizes of ear tips that provide a comfortable fit for all users. The black color adds an extra layer of beauty. I loved the design and comfortability of it.

Compact Mini Design
Compact Mini Design

Are they comfortable?

The TOZO NC7 earbuds are stylish and lightweight. It is designed as the ear shape, with multiple sizes of ear tips that provide a comfortable fit for all users. The black color gives an extra layer of beauty. Over I loved the design and comfortability of it. Though I face comfortability issue when I used it for long time continuously.

Noise management

It provides Hybrid active noise cancellation to the user. For controlling noise cancellation TOZO Sound app has 6 different options. You can select any one according to your need.

Noise cancellation customization of TOZO NC7

Noise Cancellation (ANC Mood):
Hybrid Active noise cancellation works in this mood. It the highest power of noise cancellation. In this mood, Active noise cancellation and passive noise cancellation works together. And provides almost no noise entry.

Transparent Mood:
In this mood, both active and passive modes are turned off. When you’re listening to music with ANC mode, if someone says something to you, you won’t be able to hear it properly. This mode is designed for situations like that, allowing you to hear them without excluding them.

Normal Mood:
In this mood, ANC is off but due to blockage of your ear cannel, passive noise cancellation works. It reduce noise but not as effective as ANC.

Custom Pattern:
TOZO gives the opportunity to its user, to control noise cancellation level. This level is directly related to the battery backup or playtime. Because if you use higher level of noise cancellation, then earbuds mic will turn on. Microphone record the noise and an anti-noise wave produced by the speaker. Such this way, noise cancellation works.

How well do they fit?

TOZO very cleverly handles fitting and comfortability issues. They designed so clearly that earbuds can be fit any person’s ear. They make it in similar shape to the external ear. So, it is perfectly set on the ear. I have checked by running, jumping, and also sleeping.

Fitting test of TOZO NC7

On running, there is no issue detected. I got the same condition as I was set. But on jumping, after doing 8 high jumps, it was fallen. It is enough to say its fitting is perfect. Normal earbuds can’t stay in the ear after maximum 2 or 3 jumps. Thus it properly fitted to my ear.

Moreover, it included 5 extra ear tips in different sizes. This help to perfectly fit your ear. So no worry about my ear and your ear being different. Just use perfect-fitting ear tips.

Water management

With the IPX6 rating, it can ensure that it will not leak from 1.5 meters to 30 meters underwater, and the performance will not be affected. It’s easy to say light rain, heavy rain, and sweat can not affect its performance. It is properly waterproof and sweatproof.
To be honest, I am personally not tested underwater. But on my checkup, the design was water leakage free.

Specifications (Details information)

Headphone TypeIn Ear
Frequency Response17Hz – 20,000Hz
ConnectivityWireless, Bluetooth 5.3
Built-In MicrophoneAvailable
Water ResistanceIPX6
Noise ManagementHybrid Active Noise Cancellation
ANC Noise ReductionUp to 35dB
BatteryEach Earphone Battery Capacity: 70mAh
Charging Box Battery Capacity: 500mAh
Charging MediaUSB-C port and Wireless Charging
Charging TimeCharging Time of Earphone: 30 min
Charging Time of Charging Box: 1H
Sound MoodStereo
Weight130 grams

Price comparison / Where to Buy?

Store NameRatingPriceLink
TOZO Store5.0$ 49.99
(get 15% off on Coupon W284N66BEG)
Amazon4.2$ 49.99Link
AliExpress4.3$ 59.99Link

Price Benefit Ratio

As the features are included in the TOZO NC7, including the optical sensor, battery life, sound quality, styling, control, and so on, it is similar to a premium and best earbud. If you want this feature in earbuds, you have to  pay more than 80 dollars. But it is selling for only $49.99. 

So, on the Price benefit ratio, benefit is greater than price. For this, I recommend that you buy one for yourself.

How to connect

TOZO NC7 is very easy to connect. Not need to additional setup. You can use with TOZO authorized app which give more control, like mood choosing, making own defined mood, sound effects and all the guidance.

To connect TOZO NC7 earbuds without installing TOZO sound app, follow these steps.

  1. Open the charging case and get out earbuds
  2. Turn on your Bluetooth and scan.
  3. From the scan report, click on the TOZO NC7. And then pair it.
TOZO NC7 conneting via Bluetooth

Just enough. Let’s enjoy music, movie, podcast. To control earbuds use earbuds touch control you can read All Functions / controls. 

If you already download and install TOZO app, then you can connect with an alternative method.

  1. Take earbuds out of the charging case.
  2. Turn your Bluetooth on your phone
  3. Go to TOZO Sound app and click on TOZO NC7. It will take a couple of seconds. Then it will be connected and main dashboard will open. Form the dashboard you can control earbuds mood, sound effects and also can change its default functions.

Controls / All-function 

NC7 is fully controllable by the touch control system of left and right earbuds. Both earbuds has own functions on single touch, double touch, triple touch and holing.

Its gives a great opportunity that only found on huge expensive earbuds. The touch command is fully customizable. You can change and update to take proper control on your earbuds.

The default functions are

Control / FunctionLeft EarbudRight Earbud
ClickSwitch modesPlay / Pause
Double-ClickPrevious songNext song
Triple-ClickVoice AssistantVoice Assistant
Long PressVolume – (decreasing)Volume + (increasing)

On call, both earbuds functions are the same. And this is not customizable. On calling touch controls are –

  • To Answer Phone call – Tap once
  • To reject incoming call – Long press for 2 seconds
  • To hang up the phone call – Long press for 2 seconds
TOZO NC7 Touch Control all functions
TOZO NC7 Touch Control all functions

TOZO NC7 app Download

TOZO publishes their app for better user experience on Google Play Store for Android phones and also in App Store for iPhone. 

Google Play: The app is named “TOZO Sounds” on Google Play Store. You can search by typing this or click on the following download link.

App Store: You can find the app on App Store by searching “TOZO”. You can click the following link to open the app store download page. 

How to reset TOZO NC7 earbuds?

If you face such a big problem, resetting is the better option to troubleshoot. To reset, do the same as follows –

  1. Delete all TOZO NC7 Bluetooth records on the phone and turn off Bluetooth. Uninstall the TOZO app. Then install it again. 
  2. Take the earbuds from the charging case and press the touch panel for 5 seconds to turn the earbuds off.
  3. After that, press 5 seconds again to turn the earbuds on. You will see blue light turning on, then blue red light blinking. 

The reset has been successful. 

TOZO NC7 manual Download

With the TOZO NC7 earbuds, you will get 3 user manuals. The first is to include

  1. Bluetooth pairing and wearing 
  2. Smart touch control details
  3. Power on/off
  4. Reset
  5. Charging

The second one contains all the product information in detail.

Another one on how to connect.


TOZO NC7 vs Sony WF-1000XM4 vs Apple AirPods Pro

FeatureTOZO NC7Sony WF-1000XM4Apple AirPods Pro
Check Update
Check Update
Check Update
Battery life15 hours (earbuds) + 36 hours (charging case)8 hours (earbuds) + 24 hours (charging case)4.5 hours (earbuds) + 24 hours (charging case)
Noise cancellationEffectiveExcellentGood
Sound qualityBalancedVersatileBalanced
Water resistanceIPX6IPX4IPX4
Multipoint BluetoothNoYesNo
Built-in microphoneYesYesYes


Are there any additional features or functions available through the TOZO app?

Yes, Noise Cancellation control, changing touch control functions, sound effects are available on TOZO app.

Is the comfort issue with long-term use a common problem or just specific to the author’s experience?

Yes. As sound wave hits the eardrum, long time continuous using harmful and can damage hearing power partially. It is not any fault of TOZO NC7 earbuds.

Why is only one of my TOZO earbuds working?

Possible reasons are – not turn on, earbuds has no charge, physical damage etc. If you does not see ant physical damage, then to solve this reset both earbuds, re-pair to device and make sure both earbuds are fully charged.

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