GNMN V7 Earbuds Review: Best wireless gym earbuds in 2024

GNMN V7 Earbuds Review

Welcome to our GNMN V7 Earbuds review 2024! With so many wireless earbuds in the market, it’s tough to choose the perfect pair. That’s why we’re here to help you understand the features and performance of GNMN V7 Earbuds. We will cover their design, sound quality, battery life, and more to help you decide if they are the right earbuds for your needs.

Our goal is to give a thorough review of the GNMN V7 Earbuds based on customer feedback, reviews from experts, and our own hands-on experience.. We’ll look into their design, build quality, sound, connectivity, and additional features, and compare them to other options in the market. We hope to give you the knowledge you need to make the best choice when buying your next pair of wireless earbuds.

GNMN V7 Earbuds


Brand & ModelGNMN v7
TypeIn-ear wireless earbuds
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0
CompatibilitySmartphones, tablets, laptops, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices
Case Battery Capacity500 mAh
Battery LifeUp to 48 hours of playback time
Charging TimeApproximately 2-3 hours
Charging MethodUSB Type-C charging cable (included)
Waterproof RatingIPX7
Noise IsolationNo. It acts only on passive or physical noise cancellation.
Ear Tips3 pairs of soft rubber ear caps in different size
LED Battery Display Dual digital power display
Package ContentsGNMN V7 Earbuds
USB charging cable
Multiple ear tip sizes
User manual
Features of v7 earbuds

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Design and Build Quality

Material and construction

GNMN V7 Earbuds are comprised of durable, high-quality materials. Hard plastic and soft silicone make the earbuds robust and comfortable. The flexible silicone ear hooks securely grab your ears for sports, exercise, and other activities.

Comfort and fit

Due to its smart design and included ear tip sizes, the GNMN V7 Earbuds are exceptionally comfortable. Lightweight earbuds allow long-term listening. Adjustable ear hooks keep earbuds in place while you move.


The GNMN V7 Earbuds are stylish and functional. They look fantastic and are discreetly in black. The earphones’ LED battery display and modest branding make them feel premium. Users who prefer aesthetics and utility will love the GNMN V7 Earbuds.

Sound Quality

Audio Performance

The GNMN V7 Earbuds sound great and are inexpensive. Enjoy your favorite music, podcasts, and films with clear audio, well-balanced bass, and treble from the earphones. Its sharp, detailed sound suits many genres.

Bass and Treble Balance

These earbuds have a good bass-treble balance for punch and clarity. The bass is strong, and the treble is clear. This balance makes music and audio content enjoyable.

Noise Isolation

The snug fit and noise isolation design of the GNMN V7 Earbuds suppresses background sounds. They keep sounds clear in noisy surroundings. They lack active noise cancellation. Thus loud noises may still be heard.

Connectivity and Compatibility

Bluetooth Technology

These Bluetooth earbuds connect to devices reliably. They pair easily and stay connected, ensuring uninterrupted audio playback. This earbuds use Bluetooth 5.2 for the best quality sound.

Compatibility with Devices

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices work with these earbuds. This makes them versatile and convenient for music, video, and phone conversations.

Connection Stability

Even during intense workouts and sprinting, the GNMN V7 Earbuds maintain a strong connection. These earbuds have few dropouts and a good Bluetooth range.

Battery Life and Charging

Battery Capacity

The GNMN V7 Earbuds’ 48-hour battery life is impressive. This lets you listen to music for hours without charging the earbuds.

Playback Time

As said, the earphones have a 48-hour playback capacity, making them ideal for long-term use. Travelers and busy people

Charging Method and Time

The provided USB cord charges the earbuds. The earbuds charge in a few hours to enjoy your music quickly.

Additional Features

IPX7 Waterproof Rating

The IPX7-rated GNMN V7 Earbuds can tolerate water splashes and brief submersion. Since sweat and rain won’t damage the earbuds, they’re perfect for sports, exercise, and outdoor activities.

Built-in Microphone

These earphones provide a microphone for calls and speech services like Siri or Google Assistant. The microphone’s clear voice makes you easy to understand.

LED Battery Display

The earphones’ LED battery display lets you know when to charge them. This prevents battery drain during critical calls or favorite songs.

Earhooks for a Secure Fit

The flexible silicone ear hooks secure and comforts the earphones throughout workouts and other intensive activities. This function helps energetic people who need earbuds that can keep up.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Amazon Customer Reviews

Amazon reviewers praised the GNMN V7 Earbuds’ sound, battery life, and comfort. The earphones have been well-received, with some small concerns.

Fakespot Analysis

The GNMN V7 Earbuds have a positive Fakespot rating. Most reviews are real and trustworthy, providing you confidence in the product’s quality and functionality.

Pros and Cons


  • Impressive sound quality
  • Long battery life
  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • LED battery display
  • Built-in microphone


  • No active noise cancellation

Touch Control Overview

The GNMN V7 Earbuds feature a sophisticated touch control system on the outer surface of each earbud, designed to make controlling your listening experience as easy as tapping your finger. The touch-sensitive panel responds to various tapping and swiping gestures, allowing users to perform a range of actions without having to reach for their connected devices.

Key Touch Control Functions

  1. Play/Pause: A single tap on either earbud will play or pause your audio, making it easy to manage your listening experience on-the-go.
  2. Volume Control: To adjust the volume, swipe up or down on the right earbud. This intuitive gesture allows users to easily control the volume level without needing to use their devices.
  3. Track Navigation: Skipping to the next track or going back to the previous one is as simple as a double-tap on the right earbud (for the next track) or the left earbud (for the previous track).
  4. Voice Assistant Activation: A long press on either earbud will summon your device’s voice assistant, such as Siri or Google Assistant, enabling you to perform tasks or ask questions without taking your phone out of your pocket.
  5. Call Management: The touch control system also extends to call management. With one tap, you can answer an incoming call, and a long press on either earbud will let you turn it down. To stop a call that is already in progress, just tap again.
  6. Ambient Sound Mode: You can turn on the ambient sound mode by tapping the left earbud three times. This lets you hear your surroundings without taking out the earbuds. This function is especially helpful when walking or jogging in areas with a lot of people.
Touch control of GNME V7

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Customization and Sensitivity

The app customizes GNMN V7 Earbuds’ touch control sensitivity. Users can customize touch responses for an ideal experience. The software allows users to customize touch control features, setting up their earphones to suit their lifestyles.

Final Thoughts on GNMN V7 Earbuds

The GNMN V7 Earbuds are a good choice for inexpensive, high-quality wireless earbuds with many functions. These earbuds are ideal for active and casual listeners due to their great sound, long battery life, comfortable fit, and IPX7 waterproof rating. Despite lacking active noise suppression, their performance and value make them worth considering.

The GNMN V7 Earbuds are inexpensive wireless earbuds with good sound, battery life, and features. Active people who need a solid, comfortable fit during exercises and sports will love these. If active noise canceling is a priority, look elsewhere.

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