How to connect fake airpods to Android phone?

How to connect fake airpods to Android phone?
How to connect fake airpods to Android phone?

Airpods are first wireless Bluetooth earbuds which was designed by Apple Inc.

At the beginning, Apple launched airpods on September 7, 2016 alongside the iPhone 7. Within two years it became very popular among people. Airpods were designed specifically to work with your iPhone and iPad.

As a result all people could not use airpods because not everyone owns iPhone. So other companies came up and made their own version of android so that all people can use airpods with their android.

There are many brands and they made different airpods. All these airpods are known as “fake airpods”. These fake airpods are different from the original one and there are many ways of connecting to your phone.

The difference between original airpods and fake airpods is you can easily connect airpods with your iPhone but there are some difficulties to connect fake airpods with your Android devices.

Today I will explain how to connect fake airpods with your android step by step. So keep reading the post attentively to avoid difficulties while connecting fake airpods or airpods pro.

Can fake AirPods pair?

A fake AirPods will not have is a W1 chip, Apple’s unique chip that allows AirPods to be recognized and synced directly to an iPhone, iPad, or Mac when you open the charging case. For this, you can connect fake AirPods with android phone and other devices.

How to connect fake airpods to Android phone? Steps to pair

How to Connect Fake AirPods to Android Phone? 

Normally, all airpods connect by pairing with the device via Bluetooth. You can do these by following the next steps.

  1. Firstly, make sure that your airpods are enough charged, if not, charge it.
  2. To see the light coming from inside, open the case and position the airpods inside the airpods case or charging case.
  3. Locate the button on the back of the case, press and hold the button for a few seconds.
  4. The light will be white. It means that the earbuds had entered their pairing mode.
  5. Open the settings app on your phone and enter the Bluetooth and turn it on.
  6. The name of the earbuds should appear there. It can take a few seconds to show, wait till the appearing name of the airpods.
  7. Click on the device’s name, then you will get “pair” or “connection”. Then click on “Pair” or “Connect.” to connecting to your phone. You will notice this because the light will blink between red and blue.
  8. After a few moments, the light will stop blinking. It means the airpods are connected.
  9. Next time when you will use your AirPods, open the charging case and turn the Bluetooth on. Then they should automatically connect.
  10. If they are connected you will see the name will appear under Connected devices.

That’s how you can connect your fake airpods with your device.

If you want to hear how Airpods connect, put the earbuds in your ears before finishing the pairing. Fake airpods work the same as the original airpods. But some features can be different. It depends on the brands.

Real Airpods has original serial number which is the main key to detect fake pair if airpods. You can check its serial number by your android phone or iOS devices. However, fake AirPods also works well and has premium look. These wireless earbuds helps you to fulfil your hobby.