Can headphones dent your head?

Can headphones dent your head

Hey, have you ever noticed? When you use headphones for a long time, you feel a slight pain in your head. When you take off your headphones in front of a mirror, you see your head and hair crease where the headphones were. This is a very common matter. So, you can think, can headphones dent your head? Can headphones dent your head permanently? Or how to fix head dent from headphones?

What is headphone dent?

The crease seen on the outer skin of head and hair for using headphones for a long period is called headphone dent. It is a temporary side effect of using headphones for a long time and almost every user has to face this problem. It does not last more than a few hours.

Does headphone dent our skull?

No, headphone dent occurs on outer skin and hair only. It does not harm your skull permanently.

Can headphones dent your head permanently?

No, it produces temporary stress on the cell. So your cell adapts quickly. Sometimes it may go to reversible cell injury.
When you use an uncomfortable headphone  for a long time, cells may go through an irreversible process. In this process your cell will die by necrosis.

Can gaming headset dent your head?

Though gaming headphones are more comfortable, some gaming headphones are reported to produce dent.

Causes Behind headset dent

Headset dent is common and normal occurrence. It can happen anytime after using headphones. There are some most known causes that triggers headphones dent such as

  1. Using headphones for a long time: if you use headphones for a long time without any break headphone dent happens. In this case the dent goes away within a few hours.
  2. Using bulky headphones : if your headphones are bulky then it will give extra pressure in your head and skin. That easily causes headphone dent on your head.
  3. Using headphones in improper adjustment: Sometimes we use headphones  for a long time avoiding the proper adjustment of the headbands. It is very injurious. It can cause painful headphone dent and crease of hair.
  4. Choosing an uncomfortable headphones: if your duty is connected with   long time headphone and unfortunately you a pair of uncomfortable headphones then it will be very hard to avoid headphones dent

How long does it take for a headset dent to go away?

Headphone dent is  a normal occurrence  among headphone users. No need to worry about it. It is temporary and goes away within a few hours.

When should we be worried about headphone dent?

As I already have said, it is a temporary event. But in some cases you should be careful about it if you notice any symptoms given below:

  1. Dent remain for a long time
  2. Painful dent on your skin
  3. Abnormal Redness on your skin
  4. Real dent on your skull(not in skin or hair)

If you see any of these symptoms you should stop using headphones and consult with a doctor immediately.

How to avoid headphone dent?

  1. Avoid using headphones for too long: you should not use headphones for a long period. But if your daily work is connected with using headphones then try to take a little break after a certain time. It can reduce dent.
  2. Use lighter & comfortable headphones : while buying headphones keep notice on the mass & comfort of the headphones.  If your headphones are comfortable and light it is easy to wear for a long time and the possibility of dent gets reduced.
  3. Use a hat under your headphones: you can use a soft hat under your headphones.  It will protect your hair and skin from getting creased.
  4. Adjust your headbands properly: be careful to adjust your headbands while wearing the headphones.  It will ensure your comfort & extra pressure of your headphones.

Headphones that doesn’t dent easily

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How to fix head dent from headphones?

There are a few methods you can try to fix a dent in your headphones. Here are a few options:

  1. Use a hairdryer: Heat up the area of the dent with a hairdryer on a low setting, then use your fingers to gently press and massage the dent out. Be careful not to apply too much heat or pressure, as this can damage the headphones.
  2. Use a vacuum cleaner: Place the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner over the dent and turn it on. The suction will pull the dent out. You can also use a straw to create a seal around the dent and blow air into the headphones to push the dent out.
  3. Use a spoon: Place a spoon over the dent and press down gently. This can push the dent out from the inside.
  4. Use a ball of aluminum foil: Form a small ball of aluminum foil and place it inside the headphones over the dent. Gently press down on the aluminum foil to push the dent out.
  5. Visit a professional or a repair shop: If your headphone is still not fixed or you don’t want to take the risk of damaging it yourself, you can visit a professional or a repair shop. They will be able to fix the dent professionally.

It’s important to note that these methods may not always work and may not be suitable for all types of headphones. Additionally, if your headphones have a warranty, you may want to check if the dent is covered before attempting to fix it yourself.

Can headphones change your ear shape?

No, it does not change your ear shape permanently, but prolonged use can cause temporary dents on the outer ear and hair.